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5 Creative And Unique Gifts For Mother's Day 2023

Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you have a mom as artistic and creative as mine, you'll want to check this out. There are the standard gifts that you could get your mom, you know, the stuff you find at your local drug store the night before, or you could give her something unique that will mean so much more.

Here are 5 great ideas for good ol' mom from Steve Asay Creates:

1) In The Kitchen

Many moms love to cook and if your mom is one of those, there are some very cool aprons, dish towels and serving trays that are definitely worth checking out here! All of these are durable and affordable and have the original art work of Steve Asay displayed on them.

2) Throw Pillows

Does your mom love to decorate? These throw pillows are excellent quality and so colorful! There are several to choose from so check out all the options here! These are so cool and totally unique. No one else in her neighborhood will have these!

3) Wall Clocks

These are soooo cool. What a great gift for your mom's office or office at home! Round and square, various materials and so many pieces, all from Steve Asay's work, give you lots of options. See them all here!

4) Grocery And Tote Bags

These are not only functional, convenient and fun, but you can personalize them with her name or whatever "you're the best" kind of comment you want to add to the back. Lots of colors and sizes here!

5) Cards And Puzzles

And last, but certainly not least, cards and puzzles. Does your mom love to play games or do puzzles on rainy days? You won't find anything else out there like these. So beautiful and unique, check out the different choices here!


Scottie Asay heads up the marketing for Steve Asay Creates. She's also Steve's wife, and a stay at home/homeschool mom for two great kids.

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